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On this site you'll find a selection of photographs mainly taken in and around the Edinburgh area with a few from further afield.  I've not found a particular area of photography to focus on yet so the galleries page contains quite a variety of different shots.  You'll also find pictures taken at the various Common Riding Festivals of the Scottish Borders.

Parts of this site will act as a testing ground for a number of my web development projects;  don't be surprised if you find something that doesn't work but please feel free to let me know as it might be something I'm not aware of.

As you're here you should probably have a browse about the galleries and if you're feeling chatty you could leave a message in the guestbook .
If you'd like larger copies of any pictures on this site I'd be happy to send them to you but please note the Creative Commons License.

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Photo Of The Moment

Image of the Moment from Hunter And Lass 2011 gallery

From Hunter And Lass 2011

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